A memory computergame about Plattenbau and other urban modular utopias
by Annett Zinsmeister

MEMODUL the digital memory focus on the Plattenbau as modular utopia of urban DDR architecture. Plattenbau as built "utopia" was based on the vision of a flexible constructing set which failed at its economical realization. The Plattenbau unifies construction and decoration in a unique way. The endless repetition represents the evidence of the economy: The Plattenbau seems to horrify and fascinate at the same time. Utopia itself stands also for the interplay of these two extremes.

The game contains two picture sets: one of Plattenbau facades and another one of utopian urban models from the last 500 years. Both sets show, that utopias are an subjective and shortlasting promise of a better world. Utopian visions, today the dream of a better world may also be the nightmare of tomorrow. This game plays with the appearance and disappearance of architectural utopian promises, which are often based on modular systems.

MEMODUL contains a photo documentation of the 3 different original types of Plattenbau that disappear more and more behind new facades or because of destruction. This limited edition of art - and computergame is based on a well designed interface.

MEMODUL is part of the art collection of the Karl Ernst Osthaus Museum in Hagen, Germany and has been produced for the international exhibition Museutopia – steps to other worlds 2002. It has also been presented with high resonance in the international exhibition night space/urban drift at Café Moskau in Berlin 2003.

MEMODUL is so easy and intuitiv to play, that everyone can do it without any technical knowledge. It starts in using the virtual button play: you can choose one of the 2 picture sets: 1. Plattenbau and 2. urban models from 500 years. The picture set will be mixed up with every game. The numer of shown pictures depends on the screen resolution. The higher the resolution will be the more pictures you will get to play with.

hard - and software:

Apple MacIntosh Power PC with OS 8.6 and higher, OS X.1 or higher, Quicktime, min. 256 colours, resolution min. 800 x 600 ppi

Windows 95/08/2000/ME/XP, Pentium Prozessor, Quicktime, min. 256 Farben, resolution min. 800 x 600 ppi

For higher resolutions than 1024 x 768 ppi, please download the specific update from this page.